Mini Athletes Adult Kid Friendly Workout Classes! (This is Postponed starting at a later date)






Classes Starting January 9th!!

No babysitter? No problem!

Introducing Our

Kid-Friendly Adult Fitness Class

Attention all parents-Join our adult fitness class for a kid-free workout,

while our Mini Athlete coaches entertain the little ones!

What does the workout consist of?

Our 60-minute, full-body ARFIT classes are a combination of strength and cardio workouts consisting of a dynamic warm-up, soft tissue activation (injury prevention), a variety of programming structures, foam rolling, and stretching. A trainer will instruct the class for the entire 60-minutes. The best part is that parents get to focus on the workout while we entertain (and tire out) your kiddos!

What do the kids do for the hour?

During the workout, one of our Mini Athlete coaches will entertain the kids with an age-appropriate warm-up, obstacle courses, structured games/activities, and open play!

Are the adults in the same area as the kids?

The adult class is held on the back turf, while the kids stay in the front/middle turf. Parents can still see the kids from their area, but areas are blocked off with slide netting.

When will these classes be offered?

Monday 10:30am

Thursday 9:30am

Saturday 8am

Sunday 9am

**advanced registration for adult and child is required to participate in class through AR Baseline!

Where can I purchase the membership and register for class?

The Adult Fitness (Kid-Friendly) Monthly Membership is a contract payable to Athletic Republic Norwood in re-occurring monthly installments of $175.00. Any membership may be placed on hold due to injury, pending Athletic Republic’s receipt of a doctor’s note for no monthly charges ($0.00). If a contract is placed on hold without a doctor’s note or for any other reason, your account will be charged $10.00 per frozen month. Memberships are charged indefinitely until the client cancels their contract; in written form 30 days prior to desired termination date. The kid pass is included in the monthly membership and is $0 at checkout.

Both the adult and child must be registered for class in advance! You’re able to register up to 3 hours before class through Baseline and require a 24-hour’s notice for cancellations. If you’d like to participate in class and it’s past the 3-hour mark, or cancel within 24-hours of class beginning, please give us a call and we’re happy to assist manually!

Dates that we will not offer due to previously contracted events-

Sunday January 15th

Saturday May 27th

Sunday May 28th

Monday May 29th


Purchase Memberships for Adults
 Kid Pass (must be on the kids account)
Class Registration (kids)
Class Registration (adults)
What a great stress free way to get the kids out the house for a little while! Thank you Mini-Athletes. – Grateful mom, Westwood, MA